Planning For Your Pottery Purchase? Considerations...

I was asked to write an article on “How to decorate with ceramics” by 

It was a question that I have never really thought about. I make ceramics daily in my beautiful studio in the East Sussex countryside but rarely think of the next stage of the journey, the part where my customer has received their vases or bowls and how they would style their pieces at home. 

Intrigued, I began to put myself in my clients shoes, yes a vase can look wonderful with a bouquet  of fresh flowers but how about grouping the vases for maximum impact, adding different textures and materials. I love the look of ceramics and aged wood. Glass and pottery looks stylish and contemporary.  The piece I wrote is below:

Consider the space you’re working with

Do you need a single item or a group of items? Think about how your new piece could reflect your own style. Are you a calm, methodical, quiet being? Or, are you an adventurous, colourful, wild being? Look online and choose a reputable ceramicist that really loves each piece, feel a connection. Search for videos of the process of making pottery so you can really get to know the passion that comes from making. Once you’ve chosen your piece, remember to measure. Sometimes your vase or bowl can be a lot larger or smaller than you anticipated. I hope you enjoy your piece of pottery as much as I enjoy making it for you. – Karen Easter Ceramics


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