It's that time again, except its different!

THIS YEAR! well its a marmite kind if year, you either loved it or hated it!

I totally feel for so many people who have suffered, who have lost loved ones, who have seen the terrible suffering. The NHS care workers who have worked all the hours, the people who have cared for the sick and very close to home my 80 year old dad, who has cared for my mum who has dementia. 

We now have a light at the end of the tunnel, a light that has given us hope, new ideas, inspiration. 

For some people the lockdown has helped us discover who we really are, what direction we are going, a life rethink. 

I see people who would usually be travelling up to London on a grubby old train on bikes, gliding down country roads, sparkling eyes, pink cheeks. 

I see runners gently jogging down the road, ear phones in, purpose and determination, knowing the end is near and the thrill of a challenge. 

I see masked kindness, smiling eyes, a thoughtful look. 

Not long now I'm thinking.

All the while I'm still sitting at my wheel with a lump of gorgeous clay, making bowls, vases and mugs, knowing they will make people happy. 

I started my business on lockdown and I now know who I am and what I want.

Karen Easter Ceramics.