Merry Christmas Reflection.

What a strange year I hear you cry! and it just didn't get much better with new Christmas announcements. 

On the positive side let's use this year as a time to reflect, a moment in history, a time where it makes us sit up and think of life.

Sometimes we need a gentle nudge to appreciate what we have around us, to realise that life sometimes doesn't go to plan. 

To get it all in to perspective I think of the War, not getting all serious but they really did have it hard, they lost husbands, sons, friends, family. It went on for years. Each one of those men, brave as can be, mothers protecting their children, total chaos.I can't even imagine what they went through. 

2021, let's make plans, let's move forward as stronger, more aware, more appreciative human beings. Let's remember our loved ones, create new loved ones, push boundaries and live, really live. 

Take from 2020 what you need and make for 2021 what you really want. 

Happy Christmas to all my wonderful customers who have supported me, given me wonderful feedback, and made me smile. I couldn't have done it without you. 

Heres to a fabulous 2021!