Turning the key, locking the door and throwing some clay.

January is a strange kind of month, dark mornings, wet days that last all week, cold winds and the joys of Christmas long gone. 

Then we had lockdown 2021, a different kind of January. 

2021 has high hopes, we have put 2020 firmly behind us and it seems like the grass is greener, the shoots are poking up through the dirt, the sky is clearing. 

The vaccine is in sight, the signs of hope and glory are in the distance. 

Millions of people show relief as they are called up for the jab. We have never been so happy, skipping to the doctors with an eager, it won't get me, kind of look.

My month has mostly been potting, a good month for me. It's all about restocking my shelves, stripped by Christmas sales. Cleaning my pottery studio and thinking up new ideas for collections. What would my customers like? What would I like?

My head absorbed with colours, textures, clay types, designs, styles, shapes, the list goes on. The love and absorption of my everyday is fabulous. My ideas alone keep me awake at night and a full kiln is like Christmas Eve, the wait is just too much sometimes.

Crazy I know but I just hope that your month can be a fulfilled one, one that gets you buzzing with joy, the first shoots, the new ideas, the looking forward to.

Let's make this year fabulous, create dreams, new life, and joy.

Happy January xx

Ps  Don't forget The Great Pottery Throw Down on Sunday nights.