About Karen


Welcome to my website. My love of pottery began at a very young age, at junior school I would model all sorts of wonky objects out of clay and proudly take them home to my parents. It never stopped, the obsession got more and more, I just loved the feel and the endless possibilities of objects I could make. I first started on the wheel at secondary school, only one wheel sat alone. I then went on to course after course, itching to get better and learn. Listening to every word.
A lover of business, fashion, nutrition, art,  I had many avenues that I visited. I started and ran three successful business, one in petwear, designing dog clothing (yes that’s right!) the next was designing and producing a type of Wellington that incorporated a waterproof wellie with merino lining. I trained as a nutritionist and fashion stylist. 
you could say I jumped around a bit but I loved everything that I created. 
So I’m now in my forties so I can relax on the hardcore business idea and concentrate on my passion, pottery! 
I will never tire or get bored of pottery, I’m borderline obsessed, I get fidgety if I don’t do it for a couple of days! Strange I know but I have put this website together for you, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. 
Thank you for listening. 
Karen x