Volcanic Bud Vase Set of 4 SOLD
Volcanic Bud Vase Set of 4 SOLD
Volcanic Bud Vase Set of 4 SOLD
Volcanic Bud Vase Set of 4 SOLD

Volcanic Bud Vase Set of 4 SOLD

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Hand thrown on the potters wheel, these small bud vases are made from volcanic stoneware clay. Once leather hard, they are trimmed giving a smooth finish. They are then bisque fired to around 1000 degrees. It is at this stage that glaze is applied and they are fired for a second time, to 1200 degrees.

Set of 4 mini vases, 8-10cm in height. 

These bud vases are food safe and safe in the dishwasher.

These set of 4 Bud vases have an interesting and unique exterior and an abstract interior inspired by local stone formations. It's designed with incorporating volcanic clay and made traditionally on the wheel.  Made from stoneware clays,

Help, I don’t understand the clay types..

All my pieces are made from either earthenware, stoneware or porcelain clay and kiln-fired to high temperatures for durability. Except for pieces with special trims, everything is dishwasher safe. Below is a description to help you choose the perfect clay for you. All my clays will withstand good wearability and should provide you with years of use.

Earthenware Clay

Strong and practical, perfect for everyday. Its cream colour and low firing temperatures allow for designed pieces, when glazing, colours can appear more vibrant.

Stoneware Clay

Tougher than earthenware and chip resistant. Ideal for heavy use and can often go from oven to table to temperatures of up to 250°C.

Terracotta Clay

A rich body colour giving the characteristic base colour, and has high firing. The Porous body allows for good thermal expansion and contraction properties making it an ideal body for cookware such as tagines and roasters as well as outdoor use.

Porcelain Clay

Delicate yet strong. It can often go from oven to table. Best washed by hand as although strong, porcelain is thrown with a lighter wall, sometimes gaining it a beautiful translucency.

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